„ocean tribute“ Award 2019

More than 71 per cent of Earth's surface is covered with water. Lakes, rivers and oceans are of central importance to life on our planet. We all have a stake in the protection of our seas.

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© Daniell Bohnhof
© Daniell Bohnhof

In January 2017 Prince Albert II of Monaco worked with boot Düsseldorf and the German Ocean Foundation to establish the European Ocean Award. Since then, the award is given out every year at boot Düsseldorf as part of the "ocean tribute" Award. It is awarded to the most innovative and sustainable ideas in the field of maritime conservation. The winning projects are not only distinguished, but can also introduce themselves at boot Düsseldorf.

Individuals, organisations and institutions can apply with their water conservation projects in the categories of society, industry and science. Our expert jury at boot Düsseldorf 2019 will select one winner for each of these three categories.

Get involved - present your innovations and apply for the "ocean tribute" Award with your project. The winners from 2018 can be found here.

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